Old Boys Reunion

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On August 25/2013 we had a Lochaber Bay 1912-2012 Reunion at the cemetery .. and we had a great day! We managed to get 50 people out and had a group picture and Highland Dancer, Piper and speeches and a picnic lunch.

Please checkout this : Lochaber Bay Cemetery -> Aug 25,2012 website for pictures and more!

All though we tried pretty hard, we were unable to get alot of people identified in this photo .. but still, we are statisfied that many of these relatives were represented at our reunion.

The photo

We will leave this section of our website about this photo intact and hope that we get a few more people identified someday .. besides, its a great examination of this photo seeing how people dressed and socialized in this community in 1912!

Tell me more about the 1912 reunion!

The best place to start is to read Angus Maclachlan's description of this event in 1912 starting here ⇗ and then take a look at the picture here.

You may also find more info at the Lochaber Bay Cemetery website.

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We are the committee members of the Lochaber Bay Cemetery Company and our goal is to promote an interest in Scottish Heritage.

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